1: "Magic Johnson's No-Look Pass" Witnessing Magic Johnson's legendary no-look pass left fans and opponents amazed at his incredible basketball skills.

2: "Michael Jordan's Push Off" In a pivotal playoff game, Michael Jordan's infamous push off against Byron Russell sealed the victory for the Bulls.

3: "Dennis Rodman's Headbutt" Dennis Rodman's aggressive behavior on the court reached a tipping point when he headbutted a referee during a game.

4: "Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's Flagrant Foul" Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's uncharacteristic flagrant foul shocked fans as he lost his cool in the heat of the moment.

5: "Shaquille O'Neal's Flagrant Elbow" Shaquille O'Neal's retaliatory elbow earned him a flagrant foul and a suspension in a controversial game.

6: "Charles Barkley's Trash Talk" Charles Barkley's relentless trash talk crossed the line when he made personal attacks against his opponents on the court.

7: "Kobe Bryant's Outburst" Kobe Bryant's emotional outburst during a game led to a technical foul and a rare display of frustration.

8: "LeBron James' Altercation" LeBron James found himself in hot water after a heated altercation with another player resulted in a scuffle on the court.

9: "Stephen Curry's Ejection" Stephen Curry's rare ejection from a game shocked fans as he lost his composure and clashed with the referees.