1: "Start your family movie night with 'Coco,' a heartwarming tale about the importance of family bonds."

2: "Follow the adventures of a young girl in 'Moana,' as she learns to embrace her true calling."

3: "Discover the power of friendship in 'Finding Nemo,' a touching story about overcoming fears and finding courage."

4: "Join the Parr family in 'The Incredibles,' as they navigate through challenges and learn the true meaning of being a superhero."

5: "Experience the magic of 'Up,' a heartfelt story about love, loss, and new beginnings."

6: "Learn valuable lessons about forgiveness and second chances in 'The Princess and the Frog.'"

7: "Explore the wonders of imagination in 'Mary Poppins Returns,' a musical adventure that teaches the importance of family."

8: "Follow the story of a determined young girl in 'Matilda,' as she overcomes obstacles with the power of knowledge and kindness."

9: "End your movie marathon with 'The Sound of Music,' a timeless classic that celebrates the joy of music, love, and family."