1: Introducing the classic Egg and Avocado combo, the perfect match of creamy and crunchy textures.

2: Elevate your egg salad sandwich with a touch of spicy sriracha for a flavorful kick.

3: Try adding some crispy bacon to your egg salad sandwich for an indulgent twist on a classic.

4: Go Mediterranean with a Greek-inspired egg salad sandwich featuring feta cheese and olives.

5: For a fresh and vibrant option, add some diced tomatoes and cucumbers to your egg salad sandwich.

6: Experiment with different spices like curry powder or paprika for a unique flavor profile.

7: Incorporate some crunchy celery and green onions for added texture and freshness.

8: For a vegetarian-friendly option, swap out mayo for creamy avocado in your egg salad mixture.

9: Get creative with your bread choice, from whole grain wraps to flaky croissants, to customize your sandwich.