1: 1. Tim Donaghy's game-fixing scandal rocked the NBA. 2. Thabo Sefolosha's leg broken by NYPD, leading to lawsuit.

2: 3. Derek Fisher's affair with teammate's wife made headlines. 4. Latrell Sprewell's altercation with coach ended in suspension.

3: 5. Gilbert Arenas brought guns to the locker room, facing legal trouble. 6. Ron Artest's infamous Malice at the Palace brawl shocked fans.

4: 7. Chris Andersen's catfish scandal exposed online deception. 8. Jason Kidd's domestic violence incident tarnished his reputation.

5: 9. Steve Francis' DUI arrest raised concerns about player behavior. 10. Sean Kemp's paternity scandal rocked the basketball world.

6: 11. Javaris Crittenton's gambling charges led to legal woes. 12. Rashard Lewis' PED suspension marred his career success.

7: 13. Vin Baker's financial troubles after retirement shed light on post-NBA challenges. 14. Stephon Marbury's public feud with teammates revealed locker room drama.

8: 15. Jayson Williams' manslaughter conviction shocked the sports world. 16. Delonte West's mental health struggles brought attention to player well-being.

9: 17. Glen "Big Baby" Davis' drug arrest exposed off-court issues. 18. Tristan Thompson's cheating scandal with Khloe Kardashian made headlines.