1: "Violent Fouls in NBA" Explore the dark side of NBA history with our list of the most controversial fouls in the game.

2: "Malice at the Palace" Revisit the infamous brawl between the Indiana Pacers and Detroit Pistons that shocked the basketball world.

3: "Kermit Washington's Punch" Learn about the devastating punch by Kermit Washington that forever changed the way fouls are viewed in the NBA.

4: "Bill Laimbeer's Tactics" Discover the controversial tactics employed by Bill Laimbeer during his time with the Detroit Pistons.

5: "Dennis Rodman's Flagrant Fouls" Take a closer look at the flagrant fouls committed by the enigmatic Dennis Rodman during his Hall of Fame career.

6: "Kobe Bryant's Elbow" Delve into the incident where Kobe Bryant's elbow led to a heated exchange during a game.

7: "Rudy Tomjanovich's Injury" Read about the brutal foul that left Rudy Tomjanovich with a serious injury on the court.

8: "Kevin McHale's Clothesline" Explore the controversial clothesline by Kevin McHale that sparked outrage among basketball fans.

9: "Zaza Pachulia's Dangerous Play" Uncover the dangerous play by Zaza Pachulia that raised questions about player safety in the NBA.