1: Classic Twist Enhance your lemon martini with a simple lemon twist for a timeless garnish that adds a hint of citrus to your cocktail.

2: Sugar Rim Dip your martini glass in sugar for a sweet and decorative touch that will take your lemon martini to the next level.

3: Herb Infusion Add a sprig of fresh herbs like rosemary or mint to your lemon martini for a flavorful and aromatic garnish.

4: Fruit Skewer Skewer slices of fresh fruit like berries or citrus for a colorful and delicious garnish that will make your martini Instagram-worthy.

5: Edible Flower Top off your lemon martini with an edible flower like a pansy or violet for a floral and elegant touch.

6: Candy Garnish Garnish your lemon martini with a sugared candy like a lemon drop or gummy slice for a fun and whimsical twist.

7: Citrus Zest Sprinkle lemon, lime, or orange zest over your martini for a burst of citrus flavor and a visually appealing garnish.

8: Cocktail Umbrella Add a playful touch to your lemon martini with a colorful cocktail umbrella for a tropical vibe that's perfect for summer sipping.

9: Sparkling Rim Rim your martini glass with edible glitter or colored sugar for a glamorous and eye-catching garnish that will make your cocktail shine.