1: 1. Durian - Known for its strong smell, this fruit is loved in Asia but is a turnoff for many Westerners.

2: 2. Scrapple - A breakfast food consisting of pork scraps and cornmeal, popular in the US but often seen as gross.

3: 3. Chitterlings - Pig intestines cooked and enjoyed in the American South, consider a delicacy by some.

4: 4. Rocky Mountain Oysters - Fried bull testicles, a bizarre delicacy in some parts of the US.

5: 5. Fried Butter - Yes, fried butter exists at state fairs, a heart attack in a bite.

6: 6. Lutefisk - A gelatinous fish dish, beloved by some Scandinavians but reviled by many others.

7: 7. Haggis - A Scottish dish made from sheep's organs, a acquired taste for adventurous eaters.

8: 8. Balut - A fertilized duck embryo eaten in Philippines, with a taste that not everyone can stomach.

9: 9. Akutaq - An Alaskan ice cream made from animal fat, berries, and sugar, a unique treat for locals.