1: 1. Anne Hathaway excels in challenging roles. 2. Her dedication shines in each character. 3. From drama to fantasy, she delivers. 4. Dive into her top 5 performances.

2: 1. "Les Misérables" showcased her singing talent. 2. Hathaway's transformation won critical acclaim. 3. The emotional depth of Fantine mesmerized. 4. A role that demanded everything from her.

3: 1. In "Rachel Getting Married," she shines. 2. Hathaway's portrayal of Kym is raw. 3. The character's complexities are captivating. 4. An unforgettable performance from the actress.

4: 1. "The Devil Wears Prada" brought Hathaway fame. 2. Her role as Andy showcases versatility. 3. From struggling assistant to confident woman. 4. Hathaway's charm lights up the screen.

5: 1. Hathaway's role in "Colossal" is unique. 2. Portraying Gloria, she faces inner demons. 3. A blend of comedy and drama beautifully executed. 4. Hathaway's talent shines in this unconventional role.

6: 1. "Brokeback Mountain" showed Hathaway's range. 2. As Lureen, she brought depth to the character. 3. A subtle yet impactful performance. 4. Hathaway's chemistry with the cast is remarkable.

7: 1. Hathaway's role in "The Dark Knight Rises" impressed. 2. Playing Catwoman, she exudes confidence. 3. A mix of intelligence and cunning. 4. Hathaway brings a new dimension to the iconic character.

8: 1. "Interstellar" challenged Hathaway's emotional depth. 2. Her portrayal of Amelia is haunting. 3. A journey of love and sacrifice. 4. Hathaway's performance leaves a lasting impact.

9: 1. Anne Hathaway continues to push boundaries. 2. Her top 5 challenging roles define her talent. 3. From drama to sci-fi, she excels. 4. Dive into her world of unforgettable performances.