1: Solar eclipses inspire awe and wonder, but myths abound. Learn the truth behind common misconceptions.

2: Myth: Solar eclipses are dangerous to watch with the naked eye. Fact: Safe viewing methods protect your eyes.

3: Myth: Animals react strangely during a solar eclipse. Fact: Animals may exhibit unusual behavior, but it's not harmful.

4: Myth: Solar eclipses signal the end of the world. Fact: Eclipses are natural events with scientific explanations.

5: Myth: Pregnant women should avoid viewing solar eclipses. Fact: There's no evidence that eclipses harm pregnant women.

6: Myth: Solar eclipses bring bad luck or negative energy. Fact: Eclipses have no effect on luck or energy levels.

7: Myth: Solar eclipses only happen in certain parts of the world. Fact: Eclipses occur globally, depending on the alignment.

8: Myth: Looking at a solar eclipse will make you go blind. Fact: Proper eye protection prevents eye damage.

9: Myth: Solar eclipses have supernatural powers. Fact: Eclipses are natural, scientific phenomena, not magic.