1: Master the starter. Keeping it fed and active is key to a successful sourdough loaf.

2: Patience is key. Allow plenty of time for your dough to ferment and develop flavor.

3: Use high-quality flour for the best results. It makes a difference in the final product.

4: Consistency is key. Follow a consistent feeding and baking schedule for reliable results.

5: Don’t be afraid to experiment. Add different ingredients or flavors to customize your loaf.

6: Knead with care. Proper kneading ensures a well-developed gluten structure for a good rise.

7: Bake with steam for a crispy crust. A moist environment helps create a beautiful crust.

8: Invest in quality tools. A good bread knife, proofing baskets, and Dutch oven can make a difference.

9: Share your creations. Sourdough baking is a community, so share your tips and tricks with others.