1: "The Big Bang Theory" spinoff brings fans back to the beloved world of Sheldon, Leonard, Penny, and the gang. Get ready for laughs, tears, and more!

2: Young Sheldon's origin story delves into his childhood and how he became the quirky genius we know and love. Prepare to be charmed by his antics.

3: Fans were heartbroken when Raj finally found love, only to have it taken away. The emotional rollercoaster of his relationships left us in tears.

4: Howard and Bernadette faced infertility struggles that tested their marriage. Their journey to becoming parents was filled with both heartache and hope.

5: Stuart's loneliness and insecurities tugged at our heartstrings. His search for love and belonging had us rooting for him to find happiness.

6: The unexpected death of Mrs. Wolowitz left us in shock and sorrow. Her absence was felt by the characters and viewers alike.

7: The gang's final goodbye in the series finale was bittersweet. Saying farewell to the friends we've grown to love over the years was an emotional journey.

8: Raj's heartfelt speech at the Nobel ceremony brought tears to our eyes. His growth and self-discovery throughout the series were truly moving.

9: "The Big Bang Theory" spinoff series brings back the nostalgia and emotions that made us fall in love with the original show. Get ready to laugh, cry, and feel all the feels.