1: CBS confirms the end of Blue Bloods after Season 14. Fans express mixed emotions on Tom Selleck's iconic role.

2: Tom Selleck shares his gratitude for the Blue Bloods cast and crew in a heartfelt statement.

3: What's next for the Reagan family? Season 14 promises to tie up loose ends in the beloved police drama.

4: Fans speculate on the fate of characters like Danny and Jamie Reagan as Blue Bloods concludes.

5: CBS reassures fans that the Blue Bloods legacy will live on through syndication and streaming services.

6: Tom Selleck reflects on his time portraying Commissioner Frank Reagan and the impact of the show.

7: The end of an era: Blue Bloods leaves a lasting impression on fans and the television industry.

8: From family dinners to high-stakes cases, Blue Bloods will be remembered for its authenticity and heart.

9: Thank you to the cast, crew, and fans for 14 incredible seasons of Blue Bloods. The legacy lives on.