1: "Blue Bloods continues its legacy with Season 14 as Tom Selleck leads the cast. CBS promises an epic conclusion to an era."

2: "Tom Selleck's portrayal of Frank Reagan has captivated audiences for years. Season 14 promises a bittersweet goodbye to the beloved character."

3: "CBS confirms the end of an era with Blue Bloods Season 14. Fans prepare to say farewell to the Reagan family as we know it."

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7: "The end of Blue Bloods Season 14 signifies a new chapter for the Reagan family. Tom Selleck's reign as Frank Reagan comes to an end."

8: "As Season 14 of Blue Bloods approaches, fans prepare for an emotional farewell. Tom Selleck's performance as Frank Reagan will be missed."

9: "The legacy of Blue Bloods lives on in Season 14. Tom Selleck and the cast say goodbye in a memorable final season."