1: Elevate your egg salad sandwich game with these top hacks for the ultimate lunch satisfaction.

2: Swap mayo for Greek yogurt for a lighter, tangier twist on the classic egg salad sandwich.

3: Add a kick of flavor with a dash of curry powder or paprika to spice up your egg salad.

4: Amp up the crunch factor by mixing in chopped celery or pickles for added texture.

5: Experiment with different types of bread like croissants or bagels for a fun twist on the traditional sandwich.

6: Make your egg salad sandwich extra filling by adding avocado slices or bacon for a decadent touch.

7: Use fresh herbs like dill or chives to add a burst of freshness to your egg salad mixture.

8: Amp up the protein content by mixing in additional ingredients like nuts or seeds for a heartier sandwich.

9: Serve your egg salad sandwich open-faced on a bed of greens for a lighter, more refreshing take on this classic dish.