1: America's iconic dish, hot dogs, aren't always well-received globally due to their processed nature.

2: Deep-fried butter, a state fair favorite, is met with disbelief for its extreme levels of indulgence.

3: Rocky Mountain Oysters, or fried bull testicles, may shock non-American diners with their uniqueness.

4: Twinkies, the famous snack cake, are criticized for their high sugar and artificial ingredients.

5: The oversized portions found in American meals often provoke concerns over food waste.

6: Scrapple, a breakfast meat made from pork scraps, may unsettle those unfamiliar with its origins.

7: Root beer, a divisive beverage, is either loved or hated for its distinct taste.

8: Jell-O salads, a popular side dish, spark debate for their unusual combination of ingredients.

9: The authenticity of American 'chinese food' can cause disappointment for those expecting traditional dishes.