1: Are you getting enough sunlight? Lack of exposure worsens vitamin D deficiency. Learn more about the common mistakes.

2: Avoiding fatty fish, egg yolks, and fortified dairy may contribute to low vitamin D levels. Find out what foods to eat.

3: Spending too much time indoors and wearing sunscreen all the time hampers vitamin D absorption. Discover why.

4: Excess weight can affect vitamin D levels. Learn how being overweight negatively impacts your body's ability to produce vitamin D.

5: Darker skin tones may require more sunlight exposure to meet vitamin D needs. Understand the role of skin color in deficiency.

6: Smoking can inhibit vitamin D absorption. Discover how this common habit may be worsening your deficiency.

7: Certain medications, such as steroids and antifungal drugs, can interfere with vitamin D metabolism. Learn more about the role of medications.

8: Poor gut health may impact vitamin D absorption. Explore how digestive issues can worsen your deficiency and how to improve gut health.

9: Not getting regular blood tests to check vitamin D levels can lead to undiagnosed deficiency. Find out why testing is crucial for prevention.